Antiseptic (for those who've been hurt)

11:05 PM

Did you know?

Antiseptic is a chemical compound that is used to kill or impede the growth of microorganisms on the living tissues. Antiseptic prevents any bacteria around and in the wound to cause more damages. But antiseptic does not heal wounds. Your body does. Your body will undergo a complex cascade mechanism to stop the bleeding. Your fibrinogen generates the fibrin that will cover the wound.

It's the same with us. The help from the outside doesn't heal your wound. It only helps you to prevent the worse effects. Your wound will always be like that, open and vulnerable, as long as you don't let yourself to cover it. You are the one who decides to cover it or not.

Believe me, you're capable enough to do it. It will take some time and I'm not saying it will be quick and easy. I'm not saying that it will be nice. It will be so hard. There will be so many things trying to open up your on-the-way-healing wound, just like that feel when you just want to scratch your wound when it just starts to heal. The half-healed wound will itch, but you have to endure it to get it covered.

And then, someday, it will be covered perfectly.

Stay strong, hold on. Don't let your half-healed wound bleed again.

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