Now I Realize

1:10 PM

Now I realize that it's okay to be sad.
It's okay to cry.
Cry a river if you want to.

Now I realize that it's okay to be alone.
It's okay to wander around your campus after your class is over;
going through many buildings,
to the canteens;
or to the library,
reading books that you don't really want to read;
watching people talking and laughing;
or simply buying yourself a cup of coffee or an ice cream;
sitting near the lake,
listening to your favorite songs
if those will make you feel better.

Now I realize that it's okay if you don't want to share your story to your friend.
It's okay to smile in front of them but still keeping your secrets to yourself.
You don't have to tell them every single thing about your life.
But remember, you can always talk to them.
If you feel like you no longer can lift your burden,
you can ask them to take a little part of it.

Now I realize,
that I am worth being loved
(at least) by my own self.

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